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                                              ANTONIO FARGAS

Antonio Fargas is legendary and an icon in the film, television and theatre industry. Antonio is a remarkable talent who has a glimmer of mystery and mischief in his eyes and who has the ability to portray a wide and vast array of characters throughout his long and storied career.
Recognizable for his unforgettable characters “Huggy Bear” in Starsky & Hutch, “Bunky” in Shaft, “Link Brown” Foxy Brown, and “Lindy” in Carwash clearly established Antonio Fargas as a bona fide icon.
Antonio Fargas began his journey into film at the age of 14 in Shirley Clark’s The Cool World which was quickly followed by his brilliant performance in Robert Downey Sr.’s Putney Swope.
Quickly Antonio Fargas became the name on everybody’s lips as he starred in a long list of studio film including Shaft, Foxy Brown, Carwash, Across 110 Street, Cleopatra Jones, Carwash, Next Stop Greenwich Village, and Pretty Baby. All along Antonio was starring on television in his iconic character “Huggy Bear” on the hit ABC series Starsky & Hutch.
Antonio followed with film after film which were box office successes for which he received critical acclaim for Fire Starter, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central, Milo, 3 Strikes, The Riff, Extreme Honors, Bad Guys, Sucker Punch, The Abduction of Jesse Bookman, Silver Bells,Until We Meet Again, and the upcoming Beyond Skyline.
Following on the success of Starsky & Hutch Antonio starred in a number of television shows including All My Children, Charlie’s Angels, Living Single, Vegas, The Simpsons, Eve, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, The Bill Cosby Show, The District, Steve Harvey Show, The Wayans Brothers, Everybody Hates Chris, Numbers, Lie to Me, Brothers, House of Lies and is the voice and spokesperson for CoziTV.
Antonio Fargas starred in a number of Movies for Television both in the United States and Europe. Antonio starred in Soul Survivors for the BBS opposite Ian McShane and Isaac Hayes, Fox’s Ali: An American Hero, NBC’s Maid for Each Other, Escape, Ironside, HBO’s Florida Straits with Raul Julia, Paper Dolls opposite Joan Collins and Daryl Hannah, “Huggy Bear and the Turkey, Huckelberry Finn with Ron Howard and Merle Haggard, PBS’s Denmark Veresy, A Good Sport, The Ambush Murder starring opposite James Brolin, Amy Madigan and Alfre Woodard, Nurse, and the Syfy original Snakehead Swamp.
Antonio has always found his way onto the stage and theatre has always been a great passion for him. He thrilled audiences with his riveting performance in The Great White Hope starring opposite James Earl Jones and Jane Alexander. He has mesmerized theatre goers from Broadway to London with starring performance in Driving Miss Daisy, Ain’t Supposed to Die a Natural Death, The Rainmaker, The Emperor Jones, the Mark Taper Forum’s Dream on Monkey Mountain, the New York Shakespeare Fest’s Measure for Measure and Romeo and Juliet, James Baldwin’s The Amen Corner in the West End of London, The Dead Monkey starring opposite his friend and former Starsky & Hutch colleague David Soul, and most recently starring in the smash hit musical The Blues Brothers.
Not to leave a stone unturned or a part of the industry untried, Antonio has lent his voice to a number of animations and video games which have included Osmosis Jones with Bill Murray and Chris Rock, and mega video game Driver 2.
Antonio and a partner formed a hip-hop production company, Bumpit Entertainment, as an outlet for his musical approach to old school hip-hop fusion and to give young artists the opportunity to break into the music industry. Antonio teamed with Fat Face Records in the UK to record the hit song Big Bertha Butt. Antonio has recently created a jive jazz group the New Jump Blues Band which has been touring and just played the Los Angeles Playboy Jazz Festival.
Antonio is a proud father, grandfather and philanthropist who gives of his time to his family and to the youth through a number of programs. Antonio Fargas is an icon in every sense of the word and he looks forward too many more years of delighting audiences and giving back to the community.Type your paragraph here.


FILM (partial list)

MISTER MAYFAIR                                                 LEAD                                                     DIR: PHILIPPE MARTINEZ

BEYOND SKYLINE                                                LEAD                                                      DIR: LIAM O’DONNELL
SILVER BELLS                                                       LEAD                                                      DIR: DAVID WHITE
CONCERTO                                                         LEAD                                                      DIR: PECE DINGO
LA LOI DE MURPHY                                              LEAD                                                      DIR: CHRISTOPHE CAMPOS 
THE ABDUCTION OF JESSE BOOKMAN                   LEAD                                                      DIR: EZRA GOULD
ONCE FALLEN                                                      LEAD                                                      DIR: ASH ADAMS   
CHANGING HANDS                                              LEAD                                                      DIR: SCOTT SCHWARTZ       
THE ADVENTURE OF UMBWEKI                             LEAD                                                      DIR: SARAH POINDEXTER   
BAD GUYS                                                            LEAD                                                      DIR: RICK JACOBSON           
SISTER SONYA’S PRAYER GROUP                          LEAD                                                      DIR: KEITH GARSIDE           
SUCKER PUNCH                                                   LEAD                                                      DIR: MALCOM MARTIN        
N.T.V.                                                                 LEAD                                                      DIR: EDDIE GRIFFIN            
JACK’S LAW                                                         LEAD                                                      DIR: GIL MEDINA 
FIST OF THE WARRIOR                                         LEAD                                                      DIR: WAYNE KENNEDY      
STARSKY & HUTCH                                              LEAD                                                      DIR: TODD PHILLIPS            
EXTREME HONOR                                                 LEAD                                                      DIR: STEVEN RUSH
THE RIFF                                                              LEAD                                                      DIR: MARK ALLEN
3 STRIKES                                                             LEAD                                                      DIR: D.J. POOH      
OSMOSIS JONES                                                    LEAD                                                      DIR: BOBBY FARRELLY        
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE                                         LEAD                                                      DIR: STEVEN RUSH
THE SUBURBANS                                                    LEAD                                                      DIR: DONAL WARD
MILO                                                                     LEAD                                                      DIR: PASCAL FRANCHOT     
DON’T BE A MENACE                                             LEAD                                                      DIR: PARIS BARCLAY             
HOWLING VI: THE FREAKS                                      LEAD                                                      DIR: HOPE PERELLO            
THE BORROWER                                                     LEAD                                                      DIR: JOHN MCNAUGHTON  
WHORE                                                                  LEAD                                                      DIR: KEN RUSSELL                
I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA                                   LEAD                                                     
SHAKEDOWN                                                          LEAD                                                      DIR: JAMES GLICKENHAUS  
NOTTE DEGLI SQUALI, LA                                        LEAD                                                      DIR: TONING RICCI              
CRIMEWAVE                                                            LEAD                                                      DIR: SAM RAIMI     
FIRESTARTER                                                          LEAD                                                      DIR: MARK LESTER
PRETTY BABY                                                          LEAD                                                      DIR: LOUIS MALLE
CAR WASH                                                              LEAD                                                      DIR: MICHAEL SCHULTZ      
NEXT STOP GREENWICH VILLAGE                             LEAD                                                      DIR: PAUL MAZURSKY          
FOXY BROWN                                                          LEAD                                                      DIR: JACK HILL      
CLEOPATRA JONES                                                  LEAD                                                      DIR: JACK TARRETT             
ACROSS 110TH STREET                                           LEAD                                                      DIR: BARRY SHEAR
SHAFT                                                                     LEAD                                                      DIR: GORDON PARKS          

 TELEVISION (partial list)

HOUSE OF LIES                                                           GUEST STAR                                          SHOWTIME
BROTHERS                                                                  GUEST STAR                                          FOX
NUMBERS                                                                    GUEST STAR                                          CBS
LIE TO ME                                                                    GUEST STAR                                          FOX
EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS                                            RECURRING                                            UPN
LIVING SINGLE                                                              RECURRING                                           FOX
ALI: AN AMERICAN HERO                                              MFT LEAD                                             FOX
SOUL SURVIVORS                                                          MFT LEAD                                             BBC
THE SIMPSONS                                                              GUEST STAR                                          FOX
EVE                                                                               GUEST STAR                                          UPN
FASTLANE                                                                     GUEST STAR                                          FOX
LA HEAT                                                                        GUEST STAR                                          TNT
MAID FOR EACH OTHER                                                 MFT LEAD                                             NBC
FLORIDA STRAIGHTS                                                      MFT LEAD                                             HBO
A GOOD SPORT                                                              MFT LEAD                                             CBS
THE DISTRICT                                                                 GUEST STAR                                         CBS
GOOD VS. EVIL                                                               GUEST STAR                                          SCI FI
PAPER DOLLS                                                                 MFT LEAD                                              ABC
THE PARENT HOOD                                                        GUEST STAR                                          WB
THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW                                              GUEST STAR                                          WB         
AMBUSH MURDERS                                                         MFT LEAD                                              CBS
STARSKY & HUTCH                                                         SERIES LEAD                                          ABC


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