FEATURE FILMS (Partial List)

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN                              Lead                                 MGM

THE FOUNDER                                        Supporting                       Weinstein Company

TRUMBO                                                 Supporting                       Groundswell

CONFIDENTIAL                                       Lead                                 Big Easy Pictures

CODE OF HONOR                                    Lead                                 Eagle Films

TERMINATOR: GENESIS                            Lead                                 Paramount

FOCUS                                                     Lead                                 Warner Brothers

GRUDGE MATCH                                      Supporting                       Warner Brothers

DEMONIC                                                 Supporting                       Dimension

  NOW YOU SEE ME                                   Supporting                       Summit

THE LOFT                                                 Supporting                       Anonymous Content

GREEN LANTERN                                       Supporting                       Warner Brothers

BATTLESHIP                                              Supporting                       Universal

FROM THE ROUGH                                    Supporting                       Royal Street

TRANSIT                                                   Supporting                       After Dark

I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS                       Supporting                      Europa Corp
*Official selection of Sundance 2009                                                            

TAKE                                                          Supporting                      Liberation
*Official selection of Tri-Beca 2008                                                              

THE DUNWHICH HORROR                            Lead                                Universal

GHOST IMAGE                                             Lead                                Showtime

HELL TO PAY                                               Lead                                Pittsburgh

BOTTOMS UP                                               Supporting                      Sony

TELEVISION (Partial List)

MANHUNT: UNIBOMBER                                RECURRING                  DISCOVERY

RED ROAD                                                    Recurring                     SUNDANCE

SECRETS AND LIES                                        Guest Star                     ABC

THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB                       Guest Star                     ABC

HALT AND CATCH FIRE                                 Guest Star                     AMC      

WILD CARD                                                    Pilot Lead                     FOX       

RAVENSWOOD                                               Recurring                      ABC

BANSHEE                                                        Recurring                      HBO/CINEMAX

TREME                                                            Recurring                      HBO

WILD CARD                                                     Guest Star                     FOX

BREAKOUT KINGS                                            Guest Star                     A&E

CSI : NY                                                           Guest star                     CBS

CSI                                                                   Guest star                     CBS

WITHOUT A TRACE                                           Guest star                     CBS

VANISHED                                                         Guest star                     FOX

SONS AND DAUGHTERS                                     Guest Star                    ABC

THREAT MATRIX                                                Co-star                         ABC

THE AMERICAN HEIRESS                                     Recurring                     My Network TV

BABYLON 5                                                        Co-star                         WB


BONNIE & CLYDE                                           Supporting                  Sony                   

STATUS UNKNOWN                                       Lead                             Sony/Lifetime

REMEMBER SUNDAY                                      Supporting                     Hallmark

HAUNTED HIGH                                             LEAD                             UNIVERSAL

JUSTICE FOR NATALEE                                   Supporting                     Sony/Lifetime

TRIBUTE                                                         Lead                             Sony/Lifetime                                    
LIVING PROOF                                                Supporting                     Sony/Lifetime   

MIAMI MAGMA                                                Lead                             NBC/Universal

BASILISK                                                         Lead                              NBC/Universal

PATH OF DESTRUCTION                                  Lead                              NBC/Universal

ALIEN ABDUCTION                                          Lead                              NBC/Universal

DEAD MEN WALKING                                       Lead                              NBC/Universal

BOA VS. PYHTON                                            Lead                              NBC/Universal




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