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FRANKENSTEIN                                                                    LEAD                              NET FILMS

DENARD ANATOMY OF AN ANTIHERO                              LEAD                              BLUE HARPY FILMS

THE DOORMAN                                                                     LEAD                              LIONSGATE

THE DEBT COLLECTOR                                                        LEAD                              NETFLIX

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2                                         LEAD                              UNIVERSAL

LEGACY                                                                                 LEAD                              PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

NIGHT WALK                                                                         LEAD                              GRINDSTONE ENT GROUP

THE MERCENARY                                                                 LEAD                              EVOLUTIONARY FILMS

THE BRAVE                                                                            LEAD                              FOX

DOOM: ANNIHILATION                                                        LEAD                              UNIVERSAL

RAMBO: LAST BLOOD                                                          LEAD                              LIONSGATE

AVENGEMENT                                                                      LEAD                              SAMUEL GOLDWYN FILMS

ASTRO                                                                                    LEAD                              ITN

THE DEBT COLLECTOR                                                        LEAD                              SONY PICTURES

DIRTY DEAD CON MEN                                                        LEAD                              LEOMARK STUDIOS

BATTLE DRONE                                                                    LEAD                              FILM TIGER

BLINDSIDED                                                                          LEAD                              ODYSSEY MOTION PICTURES

THE INTRUDERS                                                                   LEAD                              LANY ENTERTAINMENT

SPREADING DARKNESS                                                       LEAD                              SHORELINE ENTERTAINMENT

ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA                                                   LEAD                              EPIX

LARCENY                                                                               LEAD                              NETFLIX

THE MATADORS                                                                   LEAD                              GPA FILMS INTERNATIONAL

THE SEX TRIP                                                                        LEAD                              AMMO CONTENT

HOTEL OF THE DAMNED                                                      LEAD                              ODYSSEY MOTION PICTURES

THE DEMO                                                                             LEAD                              ANNA FLORENCE FILMS

CODE OF HONOR                                                                   LEAD                              PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

DAYLIGHT’S END                                                                 LEAD                              THROTTLE FILMS

BEYOND THE GAME                                                             LEAD                              MIDSHIP DISTRIBUTION

AWOL-72                                                                                LEAD                              PREMIERE ENTERTAIMENT GROUP

THE MOURNING                                                                    LEAD                              ODYSSEY MOTION PICTURES

TENSIONS                                                                              LEAD                              CONTINENTAL MEDIA

LEGACY OF THE TENGU                                                      LEAD                              FIRESTONE INTERNATIONAL

20 FT BELOW: THE DARKNESS DECENDS                           LEAD                              ODYSSEY MOTION PICTURES

SORORITY PARTY MASSACRE                                             LEAD                              ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT

ONE DAY IN THE CHAMBER                                                LEAD                              ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT

A GREEN STORY                                                                    LEAD                              INDICAN PICTURES

LIFE AT THE RESORT                                                            LEAD                              CREATIVE ACTORS ALLIANCE

NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE                               LEAD                              GRIVITAS VENTURES

THE PROMETHEUS PROJECT                                               LEAD                              AMERICAN WORLD PICTURES

SINNERS AND SAINTS                                                          LEAD                              THROTTLE FILMS

THE CIRSED                                                                           LEAD                              TRICOAST WORLDWIDE

BARE KNUCKLES                                                                  LEAD                              CURB ENTERTAINMENT

WRONG TURN AT TAHOE                                                     LEAD                              PARAMOUNT

IN THE EYES OF A KILLER                                                   LEAD                              AMBRA PRODUCTIONS

REDLINE                                                                                LEAD                              GRAVITY ARCH

THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES                                                 LEAD                              IFC FILMS

BETRAYAL                                                                            LEAD                              AMERICAN WORLD PICTURES

HITTERS                                                                                 LEAD                              MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING                                            LEAD                              IFC FILMS

DOUBLE DECEPTION                                                            LEAD                              PATHFINDER PICTURES

PRICE OF GLORY                                                                   LEAD                              NEW LINE CINEMA

ENEMY ACTION                                                                    LEAD                              CONCORD-NEW HORIZON

SUCKERS                                                                                LEAD                              BLINK

RENEGADE FORCE                                                                LEAD                              TRIPLE PEAK PRODUCTIONS

MAFIA                                                                                    LEAD                              DISNEY

CRIMINAL AFFAIRS                                                              LEAD                              CONCORD PICTURES

CHAMPIONS                                                                          LEAD                              A-PIX ENTERTAINMENT

THE QUEST                                                                            LEAD                              MDP INTERNATIONAL

THE SET UP                                                                            LEAD                              MGM

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS                                                    LEAD                              PARAMOUNT




ABSENTIA                                                                              GUEST STAR                  MASHA PRODUCTIONS

I ALMOST MARRIED A SERIAL KILLER                               LEAD MFT                      FORMULA FEATURES

HAND OF GOD                                                                       GUEST STAR                  AMAZON

DEADLY DELUSION                                                              LEAD MFT                      FORMULA FEATURES

MEATS, SWEETS & TREATS                                                 PILOT LEAD                   DARK MOON ENTERTAINMENT

BROKEN PROMISE                                                                LEAD MFT                      DARO FILM DISTRIBUTION

CASTLE                                                                                  GUEST STAR                  ABC

THE DOG WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN                                  LEAD MFT                      ARO ENTERTAINMENT

NCIS: LOS ANGELES                                                             GUEST STAR                  CBS

CSI: MIAMI                                                                             RECURRING                   CBS

CSI: NY                                                                                   RECURRING                   CBS

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT                                                     GUEST STAR                  CBS

MY BIG FAT GREEK LIFE                                                      SERIES LEAD                 CBS

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL                                                     GUEST STAR                  CBS

SHE SPIES                                                                               GUEST STAR                  UPN

CHARMED                                                                              RECURRING                   CW

RELIC HUNTER                                                                      RECURRING                   PARAMOUNT

RESURRECTION BLVD                                                          RECURRING                   SHOWTIME

FRIENDS                                                                                 GUEST STAR                  NBC

MARTIAL LAW                                                                      SERIES LEAD                 CBS

NASH BRIDGES                                                                      RECURRING                   UPN

MISSING LINKS                                                                     LEAD MFT                      BIDUS

CAN’T HURRY LOVE                                                             SERIES LEAD                 CBS

GET SMART                                                                           GUEST STAR                  HBO

GRACE UNDER FIRE                                                              RECURRING                   ABC

FROGMEN                                                                              LEAD MFT                      MAGNUM PRODUCTIONS

DOWN THE SHORE                                                                SERIES LEAD                 HBO

CHINA BEACH                                                                       GUEST STAR                  NBC

THE PACT                                                                               GUEST STAR                  KATARA STUDIOS

THREE KNEE DEEP                                                               SERIES LEAD                 CREATION INK             





Professional Biography:
Janet Alhanti LA CA

Special Skills:
MUAY THAI EXPERT, PROFFESIONAL BOXER, Soccer Pro,, Baseball, Golf, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Soccer, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - freestyle, Stunts, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Southern Accent, Fluent Bulgarian, Fluent Greek, Fluent Italian, Fluent Romanian, Fluent Russian, Fluent Spanish, Fluent Spanish - Mexico City





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