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DEVIL CAME NEAR                                 Lead                             D: Drren Denison

SPACESHIP                                            Lead                             D: Alex Taylor

UNITED PASSIONS                                 Lead                             D: Federic Auburtin

SKIN TRADE                                          Lead                             D: Ekachai Uekrongtham

GALLOWWALKER                                   Lead                             D: Andrew Goth

CHRONIC                                              Lead                             D: Jiles Greenwood

THE ESCHELON CONSPIRICY                 Lead                             D: Greg Marcks

GIRL LIKE ME                                        Lead                             D: Rowland Jobson

TRAPPED                                               Supporting                     D: Rowland Jabson                   

GOOD                                                   Supporting                     D: Lone Scherfig

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS II                Lead                             D: Gerry Lively

THE DEFENDER                                     Supporting                   D: Dolph Lundgren                

COLD AND DARK                                   Supporting Lead            D: Andrew Goth

VANITY FAIR                                         Supporting                     D: Mira Nair

GET REAL                                              Supporting                     D: Simon Shore         



ENDEAVOR                                          Guest Star                     ITV

TRAUMA                                             Lead Mini-Series            ITV

GEORGE GENTLY                                 Guest Star                     BBC

VERA                                                   Guest Star                    BBC

RILLINGTON PLACE                             Lead Mini-Series            BBC

APPLE TREE YARD                                Lead Mini-Series            BBC

VERSAILLES                                          Supporting Mini-Series   CAPA

SILENT WITNESS                                   Guest Star                     BBC

OUR GIRL                                             Guest Star                     BBC

IN THE CLUB                                         Lead Mini-Series            BBC

THE TUNNEL                                         Guest Star                     Canal+

THE WRONG MANS                                Guest Star                     BBC

THE HOUR                                            Recurring                      BBC

BEDLAM                                                Guest Star                     BBC

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS                        Guest Star                     BBC

THE DOCTORS                                       Recurring                      BBC

DCI BANKS                                            Guest Star                     BBC/ D: James Hawes

HOLBY CITY                                          Recurring                      BBC / D: Fraser MacDonald

LOST                                                    Guest Star                     ABC/ D: Tucker Gates

THE 39 STEPS                                       Lead                             BBC/ D: James Hawes

DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS                           Lead                             BBC/ D: Nick Copus

10 DAYS OF WAR                                  Guest Star                     BBC/ D: David Belton

NCIS                                                     Guest Star                     CBS/ D: Thomas J. Wright

BLACKBEARD (2006) (Miniseries)            Supporting Lead            Hallmark / D: Kevin Connor

JUDGE JOHN DEED                                Guest Star                     BBC / D: Tristram Powell

AFTERLIFE (Miniseries)                          Supporting Lead            ITV / D: Charles Beeson

MONARCH OF THE GLEN                       Guest Star                     BBC / D: David Caffrey

LIE WITH ME (MOW)                             Co-Star                         ITV / D: Susanna White

HEARTBEAT                                          Recurring                      ITV / D: Andrew Morgan

INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES (MOW) Supporting Lead            BBC / D: Brian Stirner

CROMWELL                                           Supporting Lead            BBC / D: Andrew Thompson

EASTENDERS: PERFECTLY FRANK          Co-Star                         BBC / D: Clive Arnold